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About Us


Welcome to the Online Home of Hawkinsville Red Devil Athletics!!
Andy Hill -Dwight Gatlin - Shelly Berryhill

This site has been created to bring information about Red Devil athletics to you, the fans and alumni of Hawkinsville High School, and to sports fans in general.  You will find information on football as well as other sports, former coaches, records, championships and much more that makes our program special.

This site began as a dream.  I strongly felt that the rich history of our program needed a designated historian to pull the information together in a format suitable for public consumption. Once together, this information can be handed down to the next generation and continue so that in the years to come the performance of our athletic teams could be studied.   After thinking about it for several months and studying other outstanding high school web sites, I decided to move ahead with the implementation.  Knowing that it would be a daunting task, I asked my good friend and sports writer Dwight Gatlin if he would be interested in helping.  Being a long-time supporter of the Red Devil athletic program he immediately said yes.  We first began gathering information in December 2004.  The first task was to assemble all the football records and games from 1947 to the present day.  That date was chosen due to the fact that the Georgia High School Association first sanctioned state championship playoffs in that very year.  Eventually, we will include the pre-1947 history of Hawkinsville football which started in approximately 1924. We currently have the date, location, and outcome of every game chronicled with the exception of one game in 1947 that we are working on.  Also, we have started the task of collecting statistics so that we can establish school records for a number of statistical categories.  As you can probably imagine, statistics in years gone by were not always kept by the media.  We are relying on print media microfilm, mainly the Hawkinsville Dispatch & News, the Macon Telegraph & News, and the Atlanta Constitution to help provide this information.  Using the Football Record Book link at the top of the page you can view the football information we have gathered to date.  Please keep in mind this is an ongoing process and the statistics will most likely change as information becomes available.  If you know of any errors and have information you could provide we would appreciate you sharing it with us.  From the link above you can also view all the games by opponent to see the series records against the many teams we have competed against.  Other links to additional information are located in the Football Record Book section of the site.

We also will collect information on baseball, basketball, softball, track, tennis, golf, and cheerleading to publish on this site in their own sections.  These records will be published on the web site along with outstanding performances of the past and other noteworthy information.

With this official launching of the site, we will use this home page section to bring news, schedules, and outcomes of Red Devil teams to the readers as well as any other news concerning Hawkinsville High School events.  We will also have pictures and other information on our teams.  We want this site to become Red Devil Athletic headquarters!

Thank you for visiting and do not hesitate to contact Dwight, Shelly or myself with any feedback you may have.  The site is far from complete and some of the links may not much information as of yet.


Andy Hill

Dwight Gatlin

Shelly Berryhill




















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