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Page: Devils Remain Undefeated in Class A

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Devils Remain Undefeated in Class A

As the Country legend from Bakersfield once said, the Hawkinsville Red Devils had a “Tiger by the tail can’t you see” in Claxton, Georgia last Friday night. With the impressive 25-7 win over the black clad Tigers, the Devils approach this week’s open date and, next week’s game with Irwin County, on a high note---a real high note if they can get some injured players back on the field against the Indians.
The Devils were utilizing a “bend but don’t break” defense in the first quarter when, all of a sudden, the “D” did break. Claxton hit an uncovered receiver in the corner of the end zone for a score on a 4th down play from the Devils’ 24 yard line. The above mentioned defense held them scoreless for the remainder of the game.

Junior Don Vickers put the Devils on the board with 32 yard field goal in the waning moments of the first quarter. With 4:31 left in the half, college prospect J’Vonne Thomas returned a Tiger fumble for a TD and, after a bad snap on the XP attempt, Aaron Black hit Brandon Adams with a pass in the end zone for the 2 point conversion. In the third quarter, at the 9:07 mark, Black connected with Adams again---this time for a 36 yard TD. Don Vickers split the uprights with the XP kick for an 18-7 Devil lead. Fabian Forrest, the pin-ball wizard, scored on a 6 yard run with 2:47 left in the contest and the steady Vickers again kicked the XP.

On the ensuing kick off, the Claxton running back was tackled extremely hard, went down and could not get up. After a long delay, during which Dr. Gene Jackson and the hometown EMT folks worked extensively to properly care for the young man, he was transported to the local hospital. He was later taken to Savannah, and I’m proud to report that the many prayers rendered worked; i.e. he was not seriously hurt.

Despite a few dropped balls, the Devils’ passing game looked good as did most every other facet of their game. But the most impressive thing was the old Red Devil “get after their butt” mind set during the entire game. Congrats to Coach Black , the team and to a very vocal bunch of fans who made the trip. Ain’t it great to be a Hawkinsville Red Devil!

by Dwight Gatlin - 9/19/09

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